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Makoa the Mary Bridge warrior

Makoa’s name means courageous, fearless; a warrior.


By Kortney Scroger

Makoa’s name is Hawaiian and means courageous, fearless; a warrior. These are all things that he has been during his time at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. 

In February 2017, Makoa Saffery was brought to Mary Bridge because he was lacking in energy and constantly feeling sick. He underwent a series of tests for an entire week, and two days before his 8th birthday, Makoa was diagnosed with stage 3 large cell lymphoma. Since then, he has spent a lot of time at Mary Bridge for treatment.

His mom, Angela Lucas, is particularly proud of the bravery he has displayed. 

“He has had to be brave through many things," she says. "From getting numerous IVs, ports and PICC lines as well as simply dealing with the painful side effects of chemo."

Although his medical journey is a difficult one, Makoa has a way of finding the positive in everything he goes through. His favorite thing about Mary Bridge is spending time with the nurses in the oncology clinic and all of the different experiences he’s had with them.

Makoa has become somewhat of a spokesperson for hospital, from throwing in the first pitch at a Rainiers game to speaking at events like Mary Bridge’s Courage and the annual Bridge Builders Luncheon. 

“It really helps take his mind off the treatment,” Lucas says. 

Those who know him will say that his cancer diagnosis hasn’t slowed him down. Makoa always has a positive attitude and he’s stayed strong for himself and for his family. 

“My friends and family are what make me brave," says Makoa.

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