Car Seat Safety Inspection - Tacoma

Mar 3, Tuesday

Need help with your car seat?  You are not alone, studies show that 90% of car seats are used incorrectly by parents and caregivers.

At a car safety seat inspection, an experienced technician will assess your car seat and teach you how to use it correctly. This takes approximately 30 minutes per car seat. At the end, you will install it into your vehicle. We will be right there with you to make sure it is correct, but this is an educational visit, not an installation service. It is important that you leave with the skills and confidence to adjust and install your car seat on your own.  

Call 253-403-1417 to schedule an appointment for a car seat inspection at our Tacoma, Covington, or Puyallup locations. 

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Safe and Sound Building-
1112 S. 5th Street Tacoma, WA 98405

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