LIVE WEBINAR with Mary Massery - COVID 19 Long-Haulers: Potential Long-Term Physical Problems

Jan 26, Wednesday – Jan 27, Thursday 4:00pm – 4:00pm

Cost: $80
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LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBINAR - 2.5 Hours with Mary Massery

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 from 4pm - 6:30pm 

(Mary will stay for up to 30 mins for additional Q&A)

AUDIENCE: PT, OT, SLP, & other clinicians working with Covid-19 patients


CREDIT:  2.5 Education Hours (.25 CEUs)

COST: $80

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Current projections show that 15-20 million US survivors of symptomatic COVID will become long-haulers, potentially showing a myriad of symptoms that persist for weeks and months after recovery.  These patients will likely need PT, OT and/or ST to maximize their recoveries, making it imperative that therapists seek a deeper understanding on how COVID infects the body, what organs may be potentially injured long-term, and how that may translate to physical deficits.  This webinar will focus on symptomatic COVID survivors across the lifespan who are medically stable, but surprisingly not returning quickly to their pre-morbid health status and activity levels.  The speaker will present up to minute research on the likely causes of the long-haulers’ conditions, identify the multi-organ involvement that may occur, and present a multi-system approach to identify short-term and potential long-term physical problems.  The speaker will present a contextual model of postural control (soda-pop can model) to assist therapists in analyzing potential problems of long-haulers’ trajectory of recovery such as balance, weakness and fatigue.  A detailed long-hauler case will be presented.  Robust interactive discussions will ensue as all clinicians seek to become more competent in anticipating and treating the needs of COVID long-hauler survivors. 

OBJECTIVES:  Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Present an overview of COVID-19 and up to the minute research on long-haulers to project how the disease might adversely affect physical function in the post-acute phase.
  2. Describe the framework of a multi-system differential diagnosis of COVID long-haulers (aka long-COVID, Chronic COVID Syndrome (CCS), or Post Acute Sequalae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC)), to determine possible underlying causes of persistent physical problems. 
  3. Suggest early and late rehabilitation ideas looking at a long-hauler case of a previously healthy young adult and identify multi-system interactions that impact the priorities of her plan of care.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

4 - 5:30pm (PST) - Lecture

  • COVID-19 pathophysiology, up to the minute research on COVID long-hauler sequalae - COVID-19 pathophysiology, up to the minute research on COVID long-hauler sequalae 
  • Identify potential long-term physical impairments and present a multi-system approach to assessing and prioritizing COVID long-hauler problems 

5:30 - 6:30pm (PST) - Lecture & Interactive Discussion

  • Case: Young adult COVID-19 long-hauler  
  • Robust interactive discussions regarding management of long-hauler cases stressing an immediate need to find clinical consensus while research progresses to give additional answers.
  • Instructor will stay for up to 30 mins for additional Q&A

PRESENTER: Mary Massery, PT, DPT, DSc

Dr. Massery received her BS (Bachelor of Science) in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University in 1977, her DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) from the University of the Pacific in 2004, and her DSc (Doctor of Science) from Rocky Mountain University in 2011.  She has been invited to give over 1,000 professional presentations in all 50 US states and in 18 countries worldwide on topics linking motor behaviors to breathing and postural mechanics.  Mary's research pioneered the concept of managing trunk pressures as a new way to visualize core stabilization.  Dr. Massery received the American Physical Therapy Association's highest clinical award, The Florence Kendall Practice Award, for "outstanding and enduring contributions to the practice of physical therapy."  She has been named Outstanding Alumnus of the Year by each of her 3 universities, and she received Northwestern Universitys Alumnae Research Achievement Award.  Mary continues to maintain a private practice in Chicago, specializing in breathing and postural dysfunction.

COST: $80

CREDIT: 2.5 Education Contact Hours (.25 CEUs)

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