Resources for Families

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital & Health Network is part of MultiCare. Many of our administrative resources are shared across MultiCare's organization, including billing, financial assistance, accepted insurances and more.

Find out more about billing, insurance and other important patient information that may be helpful to your family.


Bills for care your child receives at any Mary Bridge facility will come from MultiCare. Visit MultiCare's Billing and Insurance section to learn more about our billing practices and well as about our available financial assistance programs.


We accept a wide number of health insurance policies, including Molina and TriCare. Visit MultiCare's Accepted Insurance Plans page to see the full list of insurance plans we take at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital & Health Network.

Patient Privacy

We take all our patients' privacy very seriously. Read more about our Patient Privacy policies.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

MultiCare's Patient Rights & Responsibilities include children being cared for at any Mary Bridge location. Read what those rights and responsibilities are.