Tree House Family Meal Program Information

Does your group or organization want to support Tree House: A Place for Families? One great way is through our Family Meal Program. This program offers groups the opportunity to extend needed support to families staying at Tree House by preparing them a meal on a volunteer basis.

Table for 50

Family dinners are served on selected evenings of the week. Breakfasts are served on selected weekend days. Groups should plan to serve 50 to 60 family members. The actual number of people attending a given dinner varies greatly, even when Tree House is at full capacity. Bear in mind, that whether the food is eaten at mealtime or as leftovers, it will be very much appreciated. A Tree House specialist will email you one to two days in advance with a headcount estimate. 

Group Participation Basics

We recommend your group have at least five to 10 volunteers participate. Your group may choose to cook at Tree House, cook off-site, or do a combination of the two. Options also include ordering takeout. Food that can be stored and reheated easily is best. In all cases, food safety must be observed.

Our kitchen is equipped with four electric residential ovens and several cooktops. We are equipped with basic equipment, pots and pans, cooking and serving utensils, including large chafing pans and steam table for maintaining proper food temperatures.

On-site Orientation (lasting about 45 minutes)

This orientation is mandatory. Orientations can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 2 and 8pm. We encourage all members of your group to attend, however only the designated lead for the group is required to do so. The lead then has the responsibility of providing and reviewing the information provided here with all group members not attending the on-site orientation. All members of your group must carefully read and be familiar with our Food Handling, Preparation, and Storage Guidelines prior to coming to the Tree House on your scheduled date.

Fundraising Disclaimer

We ask that volunteers and volunteer groups do not solicit donations on behalf of MultiCare Health System, Tacoma General, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Tree House to support or fund their meal.  If your group solicits donations to fund the meal, please solicit them on behalf of your group’s organization.

Tree House Special Event/Meal Program Application

Fill out the application below and we will contact you to schedule your group's orientation. Have questions? Call the Tree House front desk at 253-403-8510 or email [email protected]

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