Helpful Information for Hospital Visitors

Spending time with family and friends is an important part of a child's healing process. Mary Bridge Children's Hospital encourages visitors for the children in our hospital as long as it is appropriate for their level of health. Here is some useful information that will help you plan your visit.

Visiting Basics

  • Visiting hours at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital are 8am to 8pm, unless you are a parent or guardian of a hospitalized child.
  • Parents and guardians are always welcome at our hospital at any time of day, although some patient care areas may have special restrictions.
  • Other family and friends are welcome during regular visiting hours.
  • Please do not visit if you are sick with a cold, flu, chickenpox or other infectious disease.
  • Visiting children must have continuous adult supervision at all times, including when they are in the playrooms.
  • Visitors in the PICU will be limited.

Staying Overnight

Parents and guardians are welcome to stay overnight with their child. A chair bed with linens is available for one adult to sleep at their child’s bedside in the medical-surgical units. Kitchens and showers are also available. Limited Family Housing may also be available. Read more about our Family Housing.

Gifts for Patients

Visitors should check with the nurse before bringing gifts, plants, food or drink to patients. Because latex allergies are becoming more common in patients and staff, latex balloons are not permitted. Mylar balloons are allowed and are available for purchase in the hospital's Atrium gift shop, located on the third floor near the main lobby, or in the gift shop on the first floor of the Mary Bridge Health Center across the street from the hospital.


There are a number of parking options available near the Mary Bridge Children's Hospital campus. Read more about parking options.

Information Desk

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital share an information desk, which is located by the Martin Luther King Jr. Way entrance to the third floor main lobby. Staff and volunteers are available to help locate patients, staff and departments. Information about buses, taxis and other transportation also is available.