Because Families Matter Here

Family-centered care image mom and babyAt Mary Bridge Children's Hospital & Health Network, we believe that families play a pivotal role in the health and wellbeing of children, and recognize and support that role. Because children are so dependent on their parents and family, we encourage families to be part of their children's health care team.

Mary Bridge offers a broad spectrum of services to make families feel more comfortable, reassured and invited to be a part of the health care team. Services range from information and counseling to the provision of conveniences — all offered in a family-centered care environment.

Services offered include:

  • Individualized support and teaching, in developmentally appropriate terms
  • Pre-admission hospital tours for children and families
  • Role play and preparation with dolls and medical equipment
  • Chair beds for parents to remain at the bedside in their child's hospital room 24 hours a day
  • Kitchen, bathroom and shower facilities on the medical-surgical floors
  • Age-appropriate activities including in-room games, playrooms, activities, Fun Centers with Nintendo video games and VCR and the Disney television network in each room

Kid (and Family) Friendly Rooms

Each room at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital has a TV, DVD player and Xbox so children can pass the time watching their favorite movie or playing video games. Our rooms also feature convertible beds so parents can stay overnight with their children.

Family and Teen Advocacy Councils

The Family and Teen Advocacy councils are a group of patients, parents, grandparents, foster parents and staff members who partner in helping us make decisions about programming and policies within Mary Bridge, and serve as a resource to guide the hospital and health center as we grow our existing services and create new ones.

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC), located on the 6th floor of Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, provides health information in print, on video and on computer for parents and caregivers. The FRC offers a place for families to access the Internet, socialize, coffee and snacks, participate in group discussions, and find comfort with other families of patients.

Child Life Specialists

 Child Life Specialists help children and families cope with the stress of hospitalization by providing play and other creative activities to meet treatment goals. They are available to assist you and your child in preparing for procedures, surgery and explanations of “what's happening.” They meet with children and their families throughout the hospital stay.

Crisis Intervention Program

Working with the Emergency Department, other hospital staff and community agencies, the Crisis Intervention Program provides assessment, consultation and coordination of the psychosocial aspects of a patient's care.