Meet Mary, the New Spirit of Mary Bridge

Mary and Kobi Together

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital was born from the hearts and mission of South Sound mothers and caregivers back in 1955. The legacy of these leaders continues today through the health network's energetic, adventurous and welcoming ambassador: Mary!

The "small but mighty" Mary is fueled by the same purpose, determination — along with a healthy dose of "pluck" — of these early founders. While only 9 years old, Mary's compassion and strength reveal her support for children of all ages.

Going to the hospital or doctor isn't what kids like to do. Mary knows that. So when children (and their parents) need a friend most, Mary, along with her best friend Kobi, the ginormous St. Bernard, are there to greet them with her quick, slightly-crooked smile and warm brown eyes.

With her casual clothes and willfully-disobedient dark brown ponytails, Mary is always ready for the next exciting adventure. Thanks to her trusty flying kite, Mary and Kobi can instantly transport to meet up with her animal pals far up in the mountains as well as those deep down in the sea.

Even the colors of Mary's kite were chosen with compassion for children in mind. To encourage creativity, she picked purple. For inspiration, she decided on orange. And because children and parents sometimes need a little extra encouragement, she chose blue to underscore the importance of trust and green to highlight encouragement.

Mary: the shining ambassador of our hospital and health care network. Tenacious and kind like her founders. Understanding as only a child can be. And always ready to share an adventure with the children who walk through her doors.