Pocked-Sized Comfort for Children and Adults

When we first opened our doors in 1988, the young children in our support groups held large red velvet hearts, called Feelie Hearts, while talking about the people in their lives who had died. The Feelie Hearts provided something tangible and comforting for these young grievers to hold as they shared their stories.

heartComfort You Can Carry

The Feelie Hearts grew in popularity as we started handing them out to both the children and the adults that walked through our doors. One of our group facilitators began creating pocket-sized versions of the hearts so our support group participants could carry the Feelie Hearts with them throughout the day.

Some put the hearts in their pocket, taking them to school, work or wherever they might need to be reminded that they are loved. Some choose to give their hearts away to provide comfort for others going through a difficult time. For example, one child gave her heart to her father when her parents divorced, and two teens placed their Feelie Hearts in their grandmother’s casket, along with notes about their special memories of her.

Feelie HeartsSending Love Around the World

Over the years, we’ve handed out more than 100,000 Feelie Hearts. And we’ve sent them to children all over the world—Australia and countries in the Middle East—to provide messages of love, hope and healing to those who are experiencing pain. 

We are grateful for the many people who volunteer to sew Feelie Hearts. If you’d like to receive a heart or if you’d like to help create them, please call us at 253-403-1966.