Hemophilia Clinic

The pediatric hematology group at Mary Bridge Children’s runs a collaborative hemophilia clinic in conjunction with Bloodworks Northwest. Our clinic gives children convenient access to specialized hemophilia and Von Willebrand disease care, without having to travel to Seattle.

What Is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is an inherited condition where the body has trouble forming blood clots. Blood clots are what stop your body from bleeding, both on the outside and internally. Symptoms of hemophilia can include:

  • Uncontrolled heavy bleeding, the most common symptom
  • Easy bruising
  • Frequent or severe nosebleeds
  • Easy bleeding from minor injuries, brushing teeth or dental work
  • Bleeding in the joints, a common complication that can lead to chronic arthritis and disability
  • Bleeding in the muscles, which can cause permanent damage as well as pain, swelling and redness
  • Spontaneous or injury-related brain bleeds, which can lead to disability or death

What Is Von Willebrand Disease?

Von Willebrand disease is a disorder where blood does not clot properly. It is the most common inherited bleeding disorder, with symptoms that may include:

  • Prolonged nosebleeds
  • Excessive bleeding after dental work or surgery
  • Easy bruising
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding

Von Willebrand disease is typically milder than hemophilia. It also affects boys and girls equally, while hemophilia mainly affects boys.   

Diagnosing Hemophilia and Von Willebrand Disease in Children

Specialists diagnose hemophilia using tests to check blood counts and levels of clotting factors. They may also use genetic testing to evaluate whether your child has a certain genetic mutation known to cause hemophilia.

Hemophilia and Von Willebrand Disease Treatment at Mary Bridge

Our hemophilia clinic includes a team of specialists who create a comprehensive treatment plan personalized to your child’s unique needs. The collaborative hemophilia clinic we operate in conjunction with Bloodworks Northwest provides convenient treatment for children with hemophilia and Von Willebrand disease.

Our services include:

  • Medication management for children with Von Willebrand disease
  • Clotting factor replacement to assist with clotting, including medications to prevent bleeding problems
  • Treating complex cases where children have developed inhibitors, or resistance to clotting factors
  • Joint measurements taken by a physical therapist or pediatric medical rehab physician
  • Physical therapy for joint problems
  • Preoperative planning to prevent and address bleeding problems associated with a planned medical procedure
  • A personal health partner (PHP) to help you navigate the medical system, including help with care coordination, forms and insurance questions

Supporting Your Child’s Hemophilia Treatment

Throughout the process, you will have a team of specialists available to help your child cope with treatment.

Our sedation services team provides medication as necessary to relax your child during testing or medical procedures. Our child life specialists help by explaining medical processes in child-friendly language, as well as distracting children during procedures such as blood draws. Learn more about our  child and family support services.  

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