Surgery - Cancer

Depending on the location and extent of the tumors, your child’s specialists may recommend surgery alone or in combination with  chemotherapy and  radiation therapy. At  Mary Bridge Children’s, our pediatric surgeons understand the unique challenges that go with operating on children.

Why Choose Mary Bridge for Your Child’s Surgery?

Pediatricians across the region refer their patients to us for surgery because we offer high-caliber treatment and expert teams who personalize care to each child. Your child will only see experienced, board-certified surgeons with years of operating experience, as opposed to physicians in training, which happens at other hospitals.

Our team includes pediatric specialists in:

Comprehensive surgical support

We provide a full range of support services to make surgery easier on your child and to help them successfully return to normal activities.  Resources available at Mary Bridge include:

  • Nurse navigators and social workers to guide you through the medical process, answer questions and help with paperwork
  • Financial assistance for families who have difficulty paying for treatment
  • Housing resources so families who live out of town can stay nearby during surgery
  • Support groups for children struggling to cope with a loved one’s diagnosis

Learn more about our  child and family support services.

Vascular Surgery

Specialists sometimes recommend vascular (blood vessel) surgery for children with blood clots. Pediatric surgeons can either remove the clot using a special device or use ultrasound to break up blood clots with high-frequency sound waves.

After surgery, we watch closely for complications and provide a follow-up plan that may involve medication to prevent future blood clots.

Your Child’s Surgery: What to Expect

Whenever surgery is planned ahead of time, we provide in-depth consultation to answer all of your questions before your child’s surgery. You and your child will have a chance to meet the surgeon, as well as take a tour of our facility. Your surgeon will also give you detailed instructions on preparing for surgery.

On the day of surgery, our sedation services team works closely with surgeons to provide anesthesia for your child’s comfort. Child life specialists are available to explain the treatment process in child-friendly language, also helping distract and entertain them during stressful procedures.

Afterward, your child may need to spend time recovering in the hospital. There, we monitor your child closely for complications. Our neuropsychology team will assess your child’s risk of learning problems after brain surgery, providing detailed recommendations for a successful return to school.

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