Window Falls Prevention

Falls are the most common unintentional injury requiring children to stay in the hospital. Children are curious by nature, top-heavy by design, and can fall through a window opened more than 4 inches. Nationwide, thousands of children are injured or killed from window falls every year.

Children under age seven are at particular risk, and caregivers are often present at the time of the fall, so supervision alone is not enough to prevent a window fall. Explore the information below to learn more about securing your home against window falls.

Tips for Preventing Window Falls

  • Do no rely on window screens to protect your child - they are designed to keep bugs out, not kids in.
  • Limit window openings to 4 inches or less by installing window stops on any accessible window more than 6 feet off the ground. 
  • Install an operable window guard if you must open a window within a child’s reach. Choose window stops or guards that can be removed by an adult in an emergency.  
  • Move furniture away from windows to discourage little climbers. 
  • Plant shrubbery beneath windows to soften the impact surface in case of a fall.
  • Ask about window safety practices before you child visits another home. 
  • Teach children not to play near windows, but do not rely on them to remember that. 


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