Improving Lives Through Movement

The Research and Movement Laboratory (RML) Is a state-of-the-art resource housed in the Mary Bridge Good Samaritan Children's Therapy Unit. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers and clinicians use research and technology to help identify, diagnose, and treat individuals with movement challenges. The RML sees patients with a wide variety of concerns, including neurological, muscular, and orthopedic disorders, as well as sports related injuries, performance enhancement, and return-to-play. 

Developing a Patient-Centered Treatment Plan 

Using the latest technology, the RML team collects data from joint motion, ground reaction forces, muscle activity, metabolic consumption, and plantar pressure. These data are synthesized to create a detailed, patient-specific picture of how the movements are being performed. The RML team analyzes and interprets the data to help design the most effective treatment approach tailored to the patient's needs.  


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