Volunteers: A Vital Part of the Children's Therapy Unit

We seek dedicated adult volunteers to fill positions in each of our programs. Examples of tasks performed by our volunteers include:

Assistive Technology

  • Helping with shop projects. This requires a crafts person skilled in working with wood, plastic and electronics.
  • Helping in the computer technology lab. This requires computer literacy and knowledge of operating systems.


  • Reception, filing, organizing paperwork, stocking forms, filing, copying


  • Setting up casting rooms, cutting padding and plaster, pouring and peeling plaster molds, cutting and drawing footboards


  • Assembling work packets
  • Assisting with groups
  • Cleaning and organizing equipment and toys
  • Collating and assembling materials
  • Providing extra hands during therapy
  • Pool sitting (being the standby person on the pool deck)
  • Supervising siblings

For more information about volunteer opportunities, call 253-697-1568.

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