The CTU is Dedicated to Helping Children

CTU Fabric Slide and Swing

If your child has special needs, you want make sure he or she receives the best care possible. Here are several reasons to choose Mary Bridge Good Samaritan Children’s Therapy Unit:


Founded in 1966, the CTU is the oldest and largest hospital-based Neurodevelopmental Center in Washington. Over the years, we have helped more than 30,000 children learn to use their bodies and minds to the fullest extent possible.

Expert Staff

Our staff is a multi-talented team of highly trained pediatric specialists who inspire children to reach higher and journey far beyond normally prescribed limits. The staff is dedicated to helping each child become as functional and independent as he or she can be.


The results of our programs are measured in terms of whole lifetimes. We are excited about the number of CTU "graduates" who are working and living on their own. Our outcomes are strong testimony to the value of the mission and vision of our program and a great witness to the commitment and resilience of our children and families.

Advanced Care

CTU has always been on the cutting edge of technologies and treatments. Our international reputation has resulted in referrals from many other countries.


The Dr. Donald and Beret Mott Children's Center is home to the CTU. The center is located on a three-acre site on the Good Samaritan Hospital campus. The building is designed to tell the story of Noah's Ark. The architecture provides a backdrop for the daily mission of the program, incorporating a fun atmosphere with therapeutic value.

To learn more about our services at Mary Bridge Good Samaritan Children’s Therapy Unit, call us at 253-697-5200.