Gender Health

Gender-Affirming Health Care for Children, Adolescents, & Young Adults


We are pleased to welcome you to our Gender Health Clinic. We value your gender journey and feel privileged to join you as you explore the gender-affirming medical services and support our Mary Bridge Children’s team offers.  

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital does not provide gender-affirming surgeries.

Our gender health clinic provides a multidisciplinary three-step process that includes education, counseling and affirming medical support.

Mary Bridge Children's respects all parties with medical decision-making authority and does not provide treatment without their consent.

The Mary Bridge Children’s Gender Health Clinic accepts new patients up to age 17 ½ and younger and will provide gender-affirming care for people up to age 18 or completion of high school. Our services are for children and adolescents…

  • Who do not identify within the traditional definitions of male or female
  • Whose gender identity is different than the assigned sex at birth
  • Who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, gender-neutral, and all other honored gender-diverse identities

Our priority is to ensure a safe space for your child or adolescent to receive gender-affirming care tailored to their needs and those of your family. With our family-centered care philosophy, you can count on us to work with you to provide the highest quality, sensitive, and specialized healthcare.

Your Partner for a Specialized Approach

Our program follows the Clinic Practice Guidelines approved by the Endocrine Society’s Treatment of Gender Dysphoria/Gender Incongruent Persons & Transgender Medicine and Research, and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Your providers at Mary Bridge Children’s Gender Health will partner with therapists, caseworkers, and other medical professionals who may be pertinent to your care. This close-knit collaboration lets us coordinate with relevant professionals in your life so that you and your family can focus on your gender journey. 

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Gender Health Research Program

We aim to generate high-quality, patient-centered research that will improve gender-affirming care access, quality, and experience, and support trans and gender diverse youth and their families.

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