Appointment Expectations and Beyond

We will use your chosen name and pronouns, as well as update your medical chart to reflect the most current information. 

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital does not provide gender-affirming surgeries.

Our gender health clinic provides a multidisciplinary three-step process that includes education, counseling and affirming medical support.

Mary Bridge Children's respects all parties with medical decision-making authority and does not provide treatment without their consent.

What happens at my first social work appointment?

Our social worker first completes a phone screen with your identified caregiver(s), and then meets with you prior to your first medical appointment. By meeting with you, they will gather some background information from you, learn about your expectations for the gender health clinic, give you information about clinic services, and answers any questions you may have. This appointment is meant to ease any concerns you have and answer any questions.

What happens at my first medical appointment?

We have an entire team dedicated to your gender health journey and we tailor the needs for each patient. Your doctor will review your medical chart and your expectations for our clinic prior to meeting with you. Together you will create a plan for your medical care. You may also meet with the team members who are pertinent to your care, including our psychologist, nurse, and/or dietician. Our social worker will follow up with you and your caregiver(s) for support after meeting with your medical team.

What are my next steps?

Since every patient and their family have different needs and desires when they come into our clinic, everyone’s journey is different. We will base your next steps in the clinic using the treatment plan created with your medical team.  

What happens when it comes to adult transition?

As you can be part of our clinic until you are 18 or finish high school, we may have several years to work together! When you get close to this transition, our team can help you find an adult provider who will prescribe your medication and provide trans and gender-affirming care. We will ensure you are scheduled with an adult provider prior to discharge from our clinic. We can also help coordinate surgery referrals, insurance letters, and more.