Nationally Recognized LGBTQIA+ Resources/Agencies

Mary Bridge Children's Hospital does not provide gender-affirming surgeries.

Our gender health clinic provides a multidisciplinary three-step process that includes education, counseling and affirming medical support.

Mary Bridge Children's respects all parties with medical decision-making authority and does not provide treatment without their consent.

The following organizations have resources, education, and support that may be helpful for your gender journey. These agencies are nationally recognized for their work in the community with large-scale advocacy for queer, trans, and gender-diverse people of all ages. This is not an exhaustive list of LGBTQ+ national resources.

Ingersoll Gender Center
An organization by and for transgender and gender nonconforming people-Based in Seattle, WA

Human Rights Campaign
The largest national LGBTQ+ civil rights organization-Based in Washington D.C

National nonprofit which promotes the well-being of lesbian and gay identified people, families and friends through education and advocacy-Many areas have their own chapters of PFLAG, see website for specific location of chapters 

Trans Student Educational Resources
Education on the transgender community led by trans youth

GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network
Largest national organization of parents, educators, and students work to end all discrimination in K-12 schools and to ensure all students are safe and respects-Based in New York NY 

ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
Works to ensure minorities can lives without discrimination-Each state has its own affiliation 

The Trevor Project
National organization provided crisis intervention to the LGBTQ+ community who are under 25

Trans youth-led educational organization

Promoting health education and advocates for LGBTQ+ health issues

Gender Spectrum
Helps to create gender-sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens 

The Gender Cool Project
Youth-led movement helping to replace misinformed opinions with powerful stories that are for, and by, transgender youth.

Gender Diversity
Strives to increase the awareness and understand of the range of gender diversity in families by providing support, increasing societal awareness, and building community

Lavender Rights Project
Provides low-cost civil legal services and community programs centered around social justice for trans and queer low-income people

Gender Spectrum
Works to create inclusive environments for all teens and children