Our Gender Health Team: A Multidisciplinary Approach


Mary Bridge Children's Hospital does not provide gender-affirming surgeries.

Our gender health clinic provides a multidisciplinary three-step process that includes education, counseling and affirming medical support.

Mary Bridge Children's respects all parties with medical decision-making authority and does not provide treatment without their consent.

Gender Health Board-Certified Physicians

Barbara ThompsonBarbara Thompson, MD (She/Her), Medical Director

Board Certifications: American Board of Pediatrics; General Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology
Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine - Dominica, West Indies

Everyone should have a chance to be healthy and our goal at the Gender Health Clinic is to ensure that every family has the education and tools to achieve that healthiness. What we do at the beginning of this gender journey has a significant impact for the rest of their lifetime. All of our gender patients start at different points of their journey, so we are here to meet them at that starting point. I look forward to and am grateful for your trust in me as we move through this journey together.

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson (She/Her),
Gender Health Clinic ARNP

I come to the Gender Clinic with 18 years of experience as a nurse, six of those as a Nurse Practitioner. My favorite part of my work in primary care was providing gender affirming care and I am thrilled to now claim the Gender Clinic at Mary Bridge as my home. I am committed to providing up to date and thorough information to patients and families as they make decisions about their care. As a provider in this clinic I see my job as listening to patients and families as they tell the story of who they are, and walking with them on the journey toward living as their most authentic self.

Gender Health Clinic Psychology Providers

David Dewine

David Dewine, PhD (He/Him)

Training: Seattle University,Boston College, Dartmouth Medical School
Specialty Area: Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

It is an honor for me to travel with and support gender diverse youth and their families as they navigate gender transitions. Our patients often face social and emotional challenges that negatively impact their mental and physical health. I love being a member of the Mary Bridge Gender Health Clinic team because we are all passionate about caring and advocating for our remarkable youth.

Isabelle OhIsabelle Oh, PhD (She/Her)

I strive to serve as both an advocate and an ally, and to be inclusive and affirming to all identities and orientations. Our gender diverse youth face a multitude of challenges and are disproportionately impacted by various health and mental health risk factors. It is a privilege to be a part of and to support our gender diverse youth and their families in their transition journey. I aim to approach my work with humility and openness and I hope that translates in my patient care alongside the amazing Mary Bridge Gender Health Clinic team that is so passionate in advocating for our gender diverse youth.

Associated Specialized Care

H Denaro HeadshotAytch, MSW, LICSW (They/Them) 
Gender Health Clinic Social Worker

As a member of the Gender-Diverse community, my passion is supporting and advocating for trans and gender-diverse youth. As the social worker in this clinic, my role allows me to build relationships with youth and families to ensure they are supported along the way.  I’m your sidekick and your advocate. My goal is to guarantee that you feel safe and supported throughout your treatment at the Gender Heath Clinic and beyond. I’m excited to partner with you in your gender journey.

tammyTammy, RN, (She/Her)
Gender Clinic Charge Nurse & Insurance Specialist  

I'm a 60-plus grandmother and mom and I've been a pediatric nurse for over 30 years. I've worked with youth and families in our Gender Health program for 8 years. One of my patients gave me the nickname “TransGram" which I wear with pride! I have great affection, admiration, and compassion for our youth and families. One of my areas of expertise is being your insurance advocate and helping you get the medications you need. Our clinic is a safe place to as questions; coming to see our team with your very personal story is something I feel honored to be a part of.

Anna Boomgaarden HeadshotAnna, RN, BSN (She/Her)
Gender Health Clinic Nurse 

I have been a nurse for 11 years and I am thrilled to narrow my focus to working with transgender youth with the Mary Bridge Gender Clinic.  I understand that every person’s gender journey is unique, and I am here to provide trans and gender diverse youth and their support systems advocacy, education and support in the sometimes overwhelming world of trans-affirming healthcare.  I view your journey as sacred and am honored to be alongside of you in your gender adventure!

Lisa LovejoyLisa, Med, RD, CSSC, CD (She/Her)

Everybody eats, yet each individual has their own set of needs, preferences, and habits.  My approach to nutrition therapy is intended to honor this individuality.  I aim to provide compassionate, inclusive counseling to help individuals nourish both their bodies and their relationship with food.  Working together, we can challenge the “diet culture” that is so pervasive in our society and focus on establishing healthy lifestyle habits.   I am excited to be on this team in support of the trans and gender diverse young people in our community!

Chaya PflugeisenChaya, MSc, MEd (She/Her)
Gender Health Clinic Researcher

Research is one of the most effective tools we have for improving care. Engaging in research can be empowering and contribute to real and lasting change within our healthcare system and beyond. My goal is to engage youth, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in the research process, making your voices integral to the work – from identifying what areas of inquiry matter most to developing research studies and understanding results. I believe that together we can make meaningful contributions to the bigger conversation about how to best support and advocate for trans and gender diverse youth.

aowenAowen (They/Them),
Gender Health Care Coordinator

As a nonbinary person, my number-one priority is that in my interactions with our gender-diverse youth and their support systems each of you feel safe, seen, and heard. I know firsthand how confusing and sometimes frightening this journey can feel and I am passionate about walking alongside you in a way that will ease that discomfort. I also know the joy that comes as things get figured out, and I hold hope for each of you that you, too, will reach that place. Working closely with our social worker, Aytch, I can confidently say you’re in good hands with this team!

OlafOlaf (He/Him), Gender Health Clinic Facility dog
Kristen Bishop (She/Her), Child Life Specialist to Olaf!

Olaf is our Child Life Facility Dog who works at Mary Bridge Children’s alongside his handler, Kristen, who is a Child Life Specialist. Olaf was expertly trained and provided free of charge by Canine Companions, who matched Kristen and Olaf to work together as a team. Olaf’s calm demeanor and unconditional love supports patients and families through many healthcare experiences. Olaf provides motivation, comfort, and distraction through challenges patients may face including blood draws, injections, or procedures. Olaf loves getting to support kids and youth in the Gender Health clinic, reminding each person that they are valued, celebrated, and supported by our Mary Bridge Children’s team.