Recommended Reading - Discoveries Program

Organized by age group, these books may help you discuss a serious illness with family and friends. Click on each title to read a description of the book.

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Ages 2–3

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain. Parenting Press, 2000. ISBN: 1884734715.

Ages 4–6

My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss, Steve Johnson, and Lou Fancher. Knopf, 1996. ISBN: 0679875982.

The Invisible String by Patrice Karst. Devorss & Co., 2000. ISBN: 0875167349.

There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent. Dragonfly Books, 2009. ISBN: 9780375851377.

Little Tree: A Story for Children with Serious Medical Problems by Joyce C. Mills. Magination Press, 2003. ISBN: 1591470420.

When Someone You Love Has Cancer by Alaric Lewis. Abbey Press, 2005. ISBN: 0870293958.

You Are the Best Medicine by Julie Aigner Clark. Balzer + Bray, 2010. ISBN: 0061956449.

When Your Mom Has Cancer: Helping Children Cope at Home and Beyond by Maryann Makekau. Makekau, 2010. ISBN: 0982660162.

What Is Cancer Anyway? Explaining Cancer to Children of All Ages by Karen Carney. Dragonfly Publishers, 1998. ISBN: 0966782046.

Henry and the White Wolf by Tim Karu. Workman Publishing Company, 2000. ISBN: 0761121358.

Tickles Tabitha’s Cancer-Tankerous Mommy by Amelia Frahm. Nutcracker Publishing Company, 2001. ISBN: 0970575203.

Promises by Elizabeth Winthrop. Clarion Books, 2000. ISBN: 0395822726.

Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings by Ellen McVicker. McVicker & Hersch, 2015. ISBN: 0578159937.

Ages 7–9

There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent. Golden Books, 2005. ISBN: 0375832084.

How Are You Peeling? Foods with Moods by Saxton Freyman and Joost Elffers. Arthur A. Levine Books, 1999. ISBN: 0439104319.

Forever in My Heart by Jennifer Levine. Compassion Books, 1992. ISBN: 1878321080.

Just You and Me by Judy Richmond. Hands of Hope Hospice, 1995. ISBN: Not Available.

Michael’s Mommy Has Breast Cancer by Lisa Torrey. Hibiscus Press, 1999. ISBN: 0964776367.

Ages 9–12

When Someone Has a Very Serious Illness: Children Can Learn to Cope with Loss and Change by Marge Heegaard. Woodland Press, 1992. ISBN: 0962050245

Sky Memories by Pat Brisson. Delacorte Books, 1999. ISBN: 0385326068.

The Rainbow Feelings of Cancer: A Book for Children Who Have a Loved One with Cancer by Carrie Martin and Chia Martin. Hohm Press, 2016. ISBN: 189077216X.

Because Someone I Love Has Cancer: A Kids’ Activity Book by American Cancer Society, Ed. Anneke Smith. American Cancer Society, 2002. ISBN: 0944235328.

A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert N. Peck. Knopf, 1972. ISBN: 0394482352.

Our Mom Has Cancer by Adrienne and Abigail Ackermann, American Cancer Society, 2000. ISBN: 0944235166.

Hang Tough, Paul Mather by Alfred Slote, Harper Trophy, 1985. ISBN: 0064401537.


When a Parent has Cancer: A Guide to Caring for Your Children by Wendy Harpham. Harper Perennial, 2004. ISBN: 0060740817.

Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child When a Parent is Sick by Paula K. Rauch and Anna C. Muriel. McGraw Hill, 2006 ISBN: 0071446818.

When a Parent Is Sick: Helping Parents Explain Serious Illness to Children by Joan Hamilton. Pottersfield Press, 2007 ISBN: 1895900913.

How to Help Children Through a Parent’s Serious Illness by Kathleen McCue. St. Martin’s Griffin, 1996. ISBN: 0312146191.

Living with Grief: When Illness is Prolonged by Kenneth Doka. Taylor & Francis, 1997. ISBN: 1560327030.

Cancer in the Family: Helping Children Cope with a Parent’s Illness by Sue P. Heiney, Joan F. Hermann, Katherine V. Bruss, and Joy L. Fincannon. American Cancer Society, 2001. ISBN: 0944235344.