Childhood Safety & Parenting Tips Videos: Ideas and Guidelines

Glenn Tripp, MD, Developmental Pediatrician at Mary Bridge Children's, interviews numerous pediatric specialists and experts about topical childhood safety and parenting concerns ranging from childproofing your home and potty training, to childhood immunizations and safe sleeping techniques. After watching these videos, plan to talk to your child’s primary care provider at each visit about the guidelines as your child reaches each one and what to expect next.

Experts offer eight quick, effective ways to childproof your home.

Glenn Tripp, MD, Developmental Pediatrician at Mary Bridge interviews Dana Hutchinson, Child Safety Educator at Mary Bridge Center for Childhood Safety about the importance of correct helmet use. Learn how to properly choose and fit helmets for your child and other ways to keep your child safe while riding or wheeling.

Erin Summa, Child Safety Educator at Mary Bridge Center for Childhood Safety talks about safe infant sleep practices. Learn about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk factors and how to implement safe sleep practices to reduce the risk of SIDS for your child.

Erin Summa, Child Safety Educator at Mary Bridge Center for Childhood Safety explains childhood car seat safety. Learn how to choose the right car seat for your child starting at birth, when to move to a booster seat, and when you child can ride with just a seat belt. See the five stages of protection and how to progress through the stages as your child grows.

Sara Newport, RN, Lactation Consultant at Tacoma General talks about infant breastfeeding. Learn how to know if your baby is eating enough, how to get a good latch, and signs of jaundice and dehydration.

Erin Summa, Child Safety Educator at Mary Bridge Center for Childhood Safety, talks about the importance of a safe home environment. Learn how to make your home safe for your baby or young child.

Robin Peterson, RN, Supervisor of specialty clinics at Mary Bridge discusses the importance of childhood immunizations. Learn how vaccines work, how we know they are safe and the current vaccine schedule. Also includes additional resources for reliable information on vaccinations.

Lani Su, RN, certified asthma educator at Mary Bridge talks about how you can control the environment to reduce asthma triggers. Hear about what you can do to control common asthma triggers like smoke, dust and mold in your home.

Lisa Philichi, ARNP for the constipation clinic at Mary Bridge, talks about simple childhood constipation. Learn about normal bowel patterns and signs of constipation. Understand the common causes for constipation and strategies to prevent constipation with your child.

Chris Jones, MD, pediatrician at Mary Bridge Pediatrics Tacoma talks about coughs and colds in childhood. Learn what causes a cold (upper respiratory infection), the signs and symptoms of a cold and what you can do at home to make your child more comfortable. 

Chris Jones, MD, pediatrician at Mary Bridge Pediatrics Tacoma discusses childhood diarrhea. Dr. Jones discusses the signs and symptoms of diarrhea and treatment you can provide at home. Also learn about what causes diarrhea and when you should seek help from your primary care provider.

Lily Koblenz, MD, explains what causes eczema and what you can do at treat it at home. Learn about controlling your home environment, choosing sleepwear and other ways to reduce symptoms.

Lily Koblenz, MD, talks about healthy lifestyle choices a family can make to improve overall health and help prevent future medical problems.