Diagnostic Evaluations and Genetic Counseling

Dr. Raff with Baby and Mother

MultiCare Genetics Services main clinic is the Mary Bridge Children's Genetics clinic. Though we are located in the Tacoma Mary Bridge Children’s Health Center, our clinic provides genetic testing, counseling and other services to both children and adults. We have expanded access to Virtual Care as well. Ask if a Virtual Care appointment may be appropriate for your family. 

How We Help

We have a team of geneticists, genetic counselors and clinical nutritionists who are ready to help you and your family understand you or your child’s genetic condition or trait.

When you or your child comes to us for testing and diagnosis, our goal is to provide answers to your questions:

  • What’s the cause of the condition?
  • Could it happen again?
  • Does it run in the family?
  • What can we do about it?

Services we provide include:

  • Diagnostic evaluation
  • Genetic testing
  • Genetic counseling
  • Disease monitoring
  • Interpretation of genetic test results
  • Condition specific referrals
  • Family history interpretation
  • Recurrence risk counseling
  • Metabolic Nutrition evaluation, as appropriate

Who We Help

We serve both children and adults on a referral basis. We do not provide pre-natal genetic testing or counseling, but work closely with MultiCare’s Maternal Fetal Medicine program to transition newborns with genetic conditions from MFM care to our care.

Not all patients can be helped by our services. Your doctor may consider a referral to Mary Bridge Genetics Clinic if you or your child meets certain criteria.

Contact Us

For scheduling questions, to make or change an appointment time, please call 253-403-3476​ or fax 253-864-2803.