Plan Your Genetics Clinic Visit

Here is some information that can help you plan for your or your child’s visit to our clinic

Initial Appointments

  • Expect an hour long appointment. Please plan additional time for parking, checking in, and getting any recommended laboratory tests.
  • The patient, adult or child must be present for the appointment
  • You will meet with a geneticist and genetic counselor
  • You may additionally meet with a nurse practitioner and/or clinical nutritionist

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments will be used to:

  • Get updates on any changes in your overall health or specific health concerns
  • Discuss new test results
  • Provide any new information about the condition

Lab Results

Genetic testing results may take several weeks. We generally will discuss all of the lab results with you at your next clinic visit. If there are any results that require more immediate action, one of our team members will be in touch with you. If you have questions about the testing process or results, please call one of the genetic counselors at 253-403-3476 and they will assist you.

Due to the specialized nature of genetic tests, most of them will require pre-authorization from your insurance company. For such tests, you or your child will not have blood drawn the same day as the initial appointment. Recommended tests will be discussed, and we will contact you once the test has been approved or denied with further instructions. 

Contact Us

For scheduling questions, to make or change an appointment time, please call 253-403-3476