Regional Cardiac Surgery Program

Comprehensive, Quality Care for Little Hearts

When you're told your child may have a heart problem, it can be a difficult, scary time. The good news is pediatric heart care has advanced by leaps and bounds. So in the event that a suspected problem is confirmed, there's every reason to believe it can be corrected and your child will go on to live a healthy, normal life.

Benefit from Our Combined Expertise

Both Mary Bridge Children's Hospital & Health Network in Tacoma and Seattle Children's Hospital are widely recognized for their exceptional reputations and leadership in pediatrics and neonatal care, as well as pediatric heart care. Because of the growing need for advanced cardiovascular surgical services in our area, we've joined together to create a regional heart surgery program. Working together, Mary Bridge and Seattle Children's offer an even higher level of care, share a more extensive range of resources and serve a greater number of children across a broader geographic region. For you and your child this means:

  • Comprehensive care — Our full-scale program offers a broad range of inpatient and outpatient services to children of all ages with acquired or congenital heart disease.
  • The highest caliber of surgical expertise — Our highly skilled heart-care teams are leaders in their field, offering the most recent advances in both open- and closed-heart procedures. And they're led by some of the most highly regarded pediatric cardiovascular surgeons in the region.
  • The advantage of experience — When it comes to pediatric heart surgery, experience and good outcomes go hand in hand. Together, Mary Bridge and Seattle Children’s provide families with access to the largest pediatric cardiac surgery program in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information about our Regional Cardiac Surgery Program, call 253-403-3527.