Pediatric Neurology Services

At Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Network, children and families find expert care and comprehensive support for neurological disorders. With locations across the South Puget Sound area, we offer advanced neurology care close to home.

Neurological Care: Why Choose Us?

Our team approach to testing and treatment helps us address the full spectrum of your child’s needs. We see thousands of children every year, giving us a depth of expertise to ensure the best outcome for your child.

Parents across the area choose Mary Bridge for pediatric neurology care because we provide:

  • Experienced specialists: All of our physicians are board-certified pediatric neurologists, many of whom frequently appear on local rankings of top doctors.  Meet our specialists.
  • Expert diagnosis: We bring together leading-edge technology and a team of specialists skilled in diagnosing neurological conditions. Learn about  diagnosis and testing.
  • Total support: We have a wide range of support services including pediatric rehabilitation specialists, educational support and nurse navigators. We also offer a complex care team to help streamline treatment for children with life-threatening or chronic conditions. We are committed to enhancing your child’s quality of life and streamlining the treatment process for you. Find out about our  support services.
  • Convenient location: Our convenient locations make it easy for families to access top-ranked pediatric neurology specialists, without spending hours traveling to Seattle. We offer both inpatient and outpatient neurology services. See  our locations.

Diagnosis and Testing

Our pediatric neurology clinic offers a complete range of diagnosis and testing services, including:

  • EEG (electroencephalogram): The most common method of diagnosing epilepsy is with an EEG, which measures brain activity with small electrodes (discs) placed on the scalp. We offer inpatient and outpatient EEG testing, as well as ambulatory (in-home) EEG in select cases to make longer tests more comfortable for your child.
  • Neurodiagnostics: We offer specialized tests for brain and spinal cord conditions, as well as function in peripheral nerves and muscles. These include EMG (electromyography), a test that measures muscle function and NCS (nerve conduction studies), which examines nerve function.
  • Sleep studies: Our Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic is one of the few statewide that specializes in sleep studies for children. Our pediatric sleep specialists use advanced technology not widely available at other hospitals. Learn more about our Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic.
  • CT (computerized tomography) scan: This procedure combines X-rays with computer technology to create detailed images of the body’s internal structures. During the scan, your child will need to lie on a small table that slides through a large donut-shaped machine.
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): This type of scan uses radio waves and powerful magnets to create detailed images of internal tissues. For an MRI, your child will lie on a small table that slides into a tunnel-shaped machine. An MRI takes approximately 40 minutes, possibly longer when a child requires sedation. We have technology available so your child can watch a movie during the MRI.
  • Hearing and vision screening: Many neurology disorders, such as autism and other developmental disabilities, affect hearing and vision. Early diagnosis means earlier treatment to improve your child’s abilities.
  • Blood tests: Specialists use blood tests to help rule out underlying conditions, sometimes using genetic testing to pinpoint a diagnosis.

During the testing process, our child life specialists and sedation services team is available when needed to keep your child as comfortable as possible. Learn more about diagnosis and testing.

Epilepsy Services

We provide expert diagnosis and personalized care for  epilepsy, a condition that causes seizures. Our specialists work with you to find effective treatment to reduce your child’s seizures, with options that include medication, surgery and/or a specialized diet.

Find out more about our  epilepsy services.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Our leading pediatric neurosurgeons offer surgery that includes vagus nerve stimulator device implantation for children who develop resistance to anti-seizure medications. This device sends electrical signals to the brain through the vagus nerve in the lower neck, often reducing seizures and lowering required medication dosages.

Get more information on  pediatric neurosurgery at Mary Bridge.

Autism Services

Autism is a developmental disorder that can cause problems with communication, socialization and behavior. Our pediatric neurology specialists are experts at diagnosing autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related conditions such as epilepsy.

We are a designated center of excellence, providing referrals for applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, the leading treatment for managing autistic behavior. Many insurance plans will not cover this treatment without a referral from a center of excellence such as our hospital.

Learn more about our  autism services.

Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic

Our hospital’s Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic is one of just a few sleep centers in the state with expertise in conducting sleep studies in children. We also have one of the only pediatric neurologists nationwide who is also a sleep specialist to interpret these studies.

Learn more about the  Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic.

Support Services

We are committed to giving you the support you need to promote your child’s best quality of life. We also provide streamlined care coordination to help you through the process, so you never have to ask what to do next.

Comprehensive support services available include:

  • Pediatric rehabilitation: We offer physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to help your child achieve his or her highest level of function.
  • Neuropsychology: Our pediatric neuropsychology team provides assessment and recommendations for children at risk of learning disorders after neurosurgery.
  • Mental health resources: Our neurologists partner with child psychology experts to help your child cope with the stress of living with a neurological disorder.
  • Personal health partners (PHPs): PHP teams consisting of a nurse and social worker help coordinate care, answer questions and provide planning support for school accommodations.
  • Specialized dietary support: We work with licensed dietitians who ensure children with severe disabilities get the proper nutrition. Dietitians also create personalized plans for high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic or modified Atkins diets, which may reduce seizures.
  • Child life specialists: These specialists are by your child’s side throughout their diagnosis and treatment to provide support. Child life specialists explain procedures in child-friendly terms and distract and entertain children during procedures.
  • Complex care team: This interdisciplinary team includes a physician, nurse, child life specialist and social worker. The complex care team helps coordinate services such as home care, rehab and equipment specialists. Learn more about the complex care team.
  • Pediatric sedation team: Our  sedation services team is here to ensure your child’s comfort whenever necessary during diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Learn more about our  support services.

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