Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic

We know how disruptive sleep disorders can be for children and their families. Quality sleep is critical to your child’s health.

Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Network has one of the only sleep centers in the state with expertise in performing sleep studies in children. Our team brings together experts in both sleep and neurological disorders, ensuring that treatment addresses the full spectrum of your child’s needs.

Why Choose Mary Bridge for Sleep Disorder Treatment?

Parents come to us with children who have sleeping problems because we offer:

  • Expert diagnosis: We have one of the only pediatric neurologists in the nation who is also a sleep specialist interpreting our studies.
  • Leading-edge technology: We use advanced technology not widely available at other facilities, including actigraphy that measures the quantity of sleep.
  • Personalized support: Our personal health partner (PHP) program gives you concierge-level care from nurse navigators and social workers, so you never have to ask what to do next.

Neurological Conditions and Sleep Disorders

Many neurological disorders carry an increased risk of having a sleep disorder, with sleep loss also worsening symptoms of neurological disorders in many cases. Neurological conditions associated with sleep disorders include:

Because sleep disorders can signal an underlying neurological condition, it’s important that your child sees a sleep specialist who is also qualified to diagnose neurological disorders.

Sleep Studies at Mary Bridge

Our specialists use advanced technology to help diagnose sleeping disorders in children. Your child’s sleep study may include:

  • Actigraphy: Similar to a fitness tracker, actigraphy tracks sleep over time to determine how much sleep your child is getting. This technology is not widely available at many facilities.
  • Polysomnography: A sleep study or polysomnography monitors brain waves and other body functions to evaluate the quality of your child’s sleep. During the test, your child will need to stay overnight in our sleep center.
  • MLST (multiple latency sleep test): MSLT helps diagnose narcolepsy by measuring how fast a person falls asleep. Sleep specialists perform this test in the daytime, after an overnight study.

Your Child’s Sleep Study: What to Expect

Sleep studies are a painless method for specialists to diagnose and understand your child’s sleeping patterns. When you come in for the sleep study, we will set up equipment for your child that includes:

  • A sensor on your child’s toe or finger to measure oxygen levels
  • Small plastic tabs near your child’s nose to measure breathing
  • Small flat discs called electrodes that we stick on your child’s scalp, face, chin and chest. These electrodes measure brain waves, heart rate and eye movement to determine sleep stages.

For every test and procedure at Mary Bridge, we can provide a child life specialist whose goal is to make treatment more comfortable and less confusing for your child. Child life specialists explain the sleep study procedure in child-friendly language and answer any questions.

Get more information about  planning your visit.

Comprehensive Support for Sleep Disorders

We provide a range of treatment options and support services for children with sleep disorders, including:

  • Personalized treatment: Depending on the type of sleep disorder your child has, our specialists may recommend a special sleeping device, sleeping medication or even tonsil removal. Sometimes treatment is as simple as improving sleep habits. Learn more about  sleep disorders.
  • Expert neurological care: We offer one of the nation’s only sleep specialists who is also a pediatric neurologist. We provide sleep disorder treatment that complements care for any related neurological condition.
  • Extra support: Our personal health partners (PHPs) include a nurse and a social worker who help you coordinate the sleep study and any other resources your child may need.

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