Support Services

At Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Health Network, we understand that health care is more than diagnosis and treatment. Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of children with neurological disorders while making families a central focus of our process.

We provide a full range of support services, so you and your child never have to face treatment alone.

Pediatric Sedation Services

Our  sedation services team is available during any procedure or test to minimize stress and discomfort. This team can help with:

  • Imaging tests: Lying still for periods of time can be difficult for children, especially those with neurological disorders. We make sure your child is comfortable and calm so doctors can make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Spinal taps: Diagnosing neurological disorders may require a spinal tap, also called a lumbar puncture. Our sedation services team ensures most children aren’t even aware of the needle.
  • Surgery: We are here for your child during surgery to ensure a pain-free procedure and minimal discomfort during recovery.

Child Life Specialists

Our dedicated team of  child life specialists is available to calm and reassure your child as needed. Our child life specialists help your child by:

  • Explaining the procedure in child-friendly terms
  • Using toys, games or activities to distract children during tests and procedures
  • Assisting with unpleasant tasks such as taking pills
  • Giving you advice on how to answer your child’s questions about treatment


Children with neurological disorders may also face problems such as learning disorders or depression. We work closely with neuropsychology specialists who evaluate your child’s mental health needs within the context of other disorders. In-depth assessments help neuropsychologists identify educational recommendations based on your child’s unique learning needs.

Complex Care Team

Our complex care team helps make treatment easier and improve quality of life for children with life-threatening or chronic illness. This team includes a physician, nurse, child life specialist and social worker who:

  • Coordinate care among physicians, home health nurses, equipment specialists and rehabilitation services
  • Assist with making medical decisions
  • Provide pain and symptom management

Children’s Therapy Unit and Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Pediatric rehabilitation is a critical part of helping children with neurological disorders achieve their highest level of function. Our pediatric rehabilitation doctors work closely with the  Children’s Therapy Unit (CTU). The CTU is the state’s oldest and largest hospital-based program for children’s rehabilitation in the state.

Our goal is to help children enjoy normal childhood activities as much as possible, providing services that include:

  • Physical therapy focused on helping your child improve mobility
  • Occupational therapy that helps children learn how to perform daily tasks
  • Speech therapy to help your child improve communication abilities

Mental Health Resources

Our clinic has a strong referral network that includes experts in pediatric psychology. Neurological disorders can impact a child’s mental well-being, so we offer resources to ensure your child has the help he or she needs.

Transitioning to Adult Services

Some patients with neurological disorders will require a caretaker throughout life. Other patients may achieve a high level of functioning that allows them to live independently or in a group setting. Our team can help you understand your child’s options and connect you with local resources for transitioning to adult care.

Nutritional Planning

Getting the proper nutrition can be a challenge for many of our patients including those who:

  • Have neurological disorders that prevents normal function
  • Require a special diet to manage  epilepsy
  • Have undergone brain surgery

Our hospital’s licensed dietitians provide assessments and detailed planning to make sure your child’s nutritional needs are met.

Personal Health Partners (PHPs)

The medical process can be difficult to manage, especially when you have a high needs child. We offer PHP teams that include a nurse navigator and a social worker who help you by:

  • Coordinating appointments with other specialists
  • Providing advice on educational accommodations and other school issues
  • Answering any questions you may have about medical forms, test results and insurance
  • Pointing you to community resources within our hospital and the community

We give you a familiar face to turn to throughout your child’s treatment, so you never have to wonder what to do next.

MyChart Secure Online Platform

MyChart is an online platform where access your child’s medical records 24/7. This secure service is free, allowing you to:

  • See lab results and visit summaries online
  • Email your child’s neurology care team directly
  • Request refills on prescriptions

Financial Assistance

We are committed to taking care of all children and families, regardless of their financial status. Financial assistance programs are available if you cannot afford the cost of treatment.

Pediatric Neurology Support Groups

Our support groups connect parents and families of children with neurological disorders. We know that neurological disease is a life-changing diagnosis, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

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