What to Expect from Your Child's Neuropsychology Visit

Depending upon your child's needs, we may complete a full neuropsychology evaluation, or a single-visit neuropsychology consultation.*

Neuropsychological Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation typically includes the following steps:

  • An initial interview, or intake, is completed with you and your child to discuss presenting concerns, goals for the evaluation and to gather additional history, if needed.
  • Generally, two to three testing sessions of two to three hours each are scheduled a few weeks after the initial visit. Testing appointments do not involve parents (unless your child is very young or needs a caregiver present for medical reasons). Your child's evaluation may be briefer, depending on why they were referred and/or previous assessments they've had.
  • A feedback session with you is typically scheduled around three weeks after the last testing appointment. Your child may or may not be invited to this feedback session, depending on their age and developmental level. The neuropsychologist will let you know if your child should attend the feedback session. Other adult family members, caregivers and advocates are welcome at the feedback session, if you choose.
  • A written report will be provided at the feedback session and may be shared with your child's school, referring provider, community therapists and other members of your child’s treatment team.

Neuropsychological Consultation

A neuropsychological consultation is typically a one-time visit to discuss cognitive concerns associated with your child's medical condition. These consults typically do not involve testing but may involve a review of previous evaluations/records, diagnostic impressions and recommendations for educational and treatment planning.

Preparing Your Child for Testing

For testing appointments, please make sure that your child has taken their regular medications and has had a meal prior to their appointment.  Bring eyeglasses, hearing aids or any other necessary medical devices, as well as a snack and drink for your child. 

Please tell your child that “tests” will involve thinking activities, some of which may be like school work, but they will not be graded.  Also, let them know that there will be no shots or “pokes” at these visits.

* Copies of your child's individualized education plan (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan and any prior psychological or neuropsychological evaluations must be received prior to your child's visit.  If your child has been referred to us from outside of the MultiCare system, your child's medical records/referral information must also be received beforehand as well.