Advanced Precision for Spine Surgeries

Mazor 3Mary Bridge Children's is the only children’s hospital in the Pacific Northwest to offer the Mazor Image Guidance System, robotic surgical assistance technology that helps our orthopedic surgeons provide advanced care to children who need surgery to treat scoliosis. 

How it Helps

mazor1Teens diagnosed with scoliosis — a curvature of the spine that can happen during the growth spurt children have just before puberty — may need surgery to correct this curve and avoid more problems in the future. During scoliosis surgery, orthopedic surgeons place a series of screwsMazor 2 into the spine, attach rods to those screws and then move the rods within the screws over a period of time to straighten the spine.

The Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Guidance System is a robotic-based image-guided technology. It helps Mary Bridge Children's Orthopedic surgeons to pre-plan and perform this delicate surgery with a higher level of precision than ever before.

Appointments by Referral

Is scoliosis surgery right for your child? Our pediatric orthopedic surgery experts can help you make the right treatment decisions for your child.

Appointments with Mary Bridge Children's Orthopedics are available by referral from your child's doctor. Providers, call 253-403-1507 to refer a patient for surgical consult.