Pediatric Complex Care

Boy with family and team looking at screenFamily-Centered Care for Children With Serious Illness

The Pediatric Complex Care Support Team (at Mary Bridge) offers comprehensive, family-centered care for children with life-threatening or chronic illness. The Complex Care team consists of a physician, nurse, child life specialist, chaplain and hospital social worker. This care focuses on enhancing the quality of life for children and their families and minimizing physical, spiritual and emotional suffering that can often occur with illness.

Pediatric Complex Care refers to patient and family-centered care that follows a philosophy of care that embraces active and compassionate therapies intended to comfort and support the family unit. The overall goal of the Pediatric Complex Care Team is to help patients and their families live life as normally as possible and provide them with timely and accurate information and support in decision making.

The Pediatric Complex Care Support Team is an interdisciplinary team that can:

  • Assist in making the family the center of making care decisions
  • Assist in interdisciplinary care coordination, along with your child’s present medical team
  • Assist families in making complex medical decisions
  • Provide pain and symptom management 
  • Recommend and make referrals for supportive therapies that focus on mind, body and spirit. 
  • Assist with coordinating child life, home care and transitioning to hospice, if appropriate.
  • Assist in creating developmentally appropriate care plans for siblings
  • Assist in creating perinatal birthing plans for families whose infants have been diagnosed with a terminal condition

The following questions may assist you in determining if a Complex Care meeting is appropriate for your family:

  • Do you feel your child’s treatment is becoming increasingly overwhelming?
  • Do you feel confused by the information you receive from your child’s care team?
  • Are your child’s pain and symptoms becoming difficult to manage?
  • Does your child see more than 4 doctors or therapists regularly?

For More Information

Contact our Pediatric Complex Care Support Team at 253-403-3807.