Help for Children and their Families

Adjusting to a new diagnosis or an ongoing, chronic illness can be difficult for both children and their families. Mary Bridge Children's Psychology Services works in partnership with your child's other providers to help patients and families cope with psychological challenges related to a medical diagnosis or condition. We have expanded access to Virtual Care as well. Ask if a Virtual Care appointment may be appropriate for your child.

Typical referral concerns include adjustment to illness, non-adherence to medical treatment protocol, anxieties related to procedures and suspected psychological factors affecting an illness. Treatment can include cognitive-behavioral, solution focused and behavioral family therapy.

How We Help

Our pediatric psychology experts offer outpatient psychotherapy to patients and families, as well as consulting services for patients at  Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. The services we provide include:
  • Inpatient consultation to providers caring for children in the hospital. This may be for adjusting to a new diagnosis, distress that is impeding hospital treatment, a need to clarify possible mental health issues interfering with treatment or discharge planning. 
  • Outpatient consultation to providers who want diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations for their patients. This service is provided for primary care and specialty care providers who are seeking mental health information to assist them in caring for their patients. 
  • Outpatient therapy for children with a medical diagnosis who are struggling with mood or behavioral problems that are interfering with their medical care and treatment. 
  • Biofeedback for patients, 8+ years of age which provides information or "feedback" regarding physiologic functioning to improve sensory awareness and management of stress or pain. 

Referral Process

 Mary Bridge Children's Psychology Services does accept patients from outside of Mary Bridge Children's. A referral from your child's primary care provider is required to make an appointment with us. Once we receive a referral, our nursing staff reviews it to determine the appropriate next steps and resources.