Early Childhood Toolkit

Food and Nutrition Program

Child and Adult Care Food Programs

Getting Started

Everyone has a role to Play
Getting Started Worksheet

Implementing Staff Wellness Programs

Worksite Wellness at Your Site

Promote Healthy Eating and Active Living

Engage Community Partners
Healthy Dates to Celebrate

Limiting Recreational Screen Time

Limit Recreational Screen Time
National Screen-Free Week
Promote Healthy Viewing Habits
Tips for Reading to the Very Young

Providing Healthy Choices for Snacks and Celebrations

Choose MyPlate Brochure
Feeding Infants
Feeding Toddlers and Preschoolers
Healthy Shopping on a Budget
Making Your Own Baby Food
MyPlate Blank Coloring Sheet
MyPlate Coloring Sheet
MyPlate Tip Sheet
Provide Healthy Choices
The Lunchbox - Appealing Lunches for Preschoolers
Understanding Food Labels

Offering Nonfood-Based Rewards

Non-Food Rewards at Home
Provide Non-Food Rewards

Encouraging Physical Activity Everyday

1-2 Years Physical Play
2-3 Years Physical Play
3-4 Years Physical Play
4-5 Years Physical Play
Get One Hour or More a Day
Infant Physical Play
Limit Recreational Screen Time
Physical Activity Breaks
Quick Physical Activity Breaks
Take it Outside

Breastfeeding and Limiting Sugary Drinks

Breast Feeding vs. Formula Feeding
Fill Up Water Here
How to Meet the Needs of Breastfeeding Babies
Keeping Your Babies Teeth Healthy - English
Keeping Your Babies Teeth Healthy - Somali
Keeping Your Babies Teeth Healthy - Spanish
Water is Fuel for Your Body

Additional Resources

Healthy Activity Booklist
Healthy Eating Booklist
Healthy Favorites
Resources for Free Promotional Materials