Sedation Services

Procedural Sedation Services for Pediatric Patients

Children are naturally active and it's often hard, if not impossible, for them to remain very still, especially for uncomfortable or long medical procedures. For this reason, the Pediatric Critical Care Team at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital offers sedation for a variety of procedures that your child might find uncomfortable, long or scary.

Under sedation, which puts patients into a medically-induced sleep, children are free of anxiety, pain and discomfort. Sedated children will not remember their procedure.

The most common procedures we provide sedation for are:

  • Cancer treatment: bone marrow aspiration, CT scan guided tumor biopsy, lumbar puncture, radiation therapy
  • Gastro-intestinal procedures: endoscopy, colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Imaging services: MRI, CT, VCUG, Bone scan, Meckel scan and other nuclear-medicine studies
  • Pulmonary: bronchoscopy
  • Other procedures: including Botox and phenol injections, EEGs and hearing tests, and so on, as recommended by your child's doctor

Our Expertise

We have been providing pediatric sedation services for more than 17 years, taking care of more than 45,000 children who needed sedation for a procedure.

Our sedation team consists of doctors, nurses, technologists and child life specialists. They will assess your child’s age, weight, developmental level and health history, and then — depending on the expected duration and discomfort of the procedure — determine the most appropriate sedation medication and how best to manage your child's sedation during their appointment. In most cases, we use anesthetics that are administered via an intravenous (IV) tube. Our certified pediatric critical care physician administers the anesthetic and remains onsite to monitor the sedated patient.

Pediatric sedation is provided in a dedicated room with full monitoring capabilities where parents can stay with their child as they go to sleep and be with them when they wake up.