Ongoing Care for Wounds, Burns and Stomas

Mary Bridge Children's Pediatric Wound & Ostomy clinic provides services for children that need  medical care for conditions such as simple and complex wounds and mild burns (within the scope of recommendations of the American Burn Association), as well as stoma care. We also work closely with the pediatric surgical experts of Mary Bridge Surgical Services, to coordinate care for kids who required surgery as part of their treatment. 

Referrals are not required for our Wound & Ostomy services. Families can may call us direct at 253-403-4613 to schedule an appointment. Referrals can be called in to this number as well.

We offer prompt, outpatient care within 24-48 hours of a call or referral. If your child requires further surgical treatment, you can rely on our immediate access to pediatric general surgeons to assist in their care.

Mary Bridge Children's Wound & Ostomy clinic offers prompt treatment using evidence-based wound care techniques and products for:

  • Post-operative wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Abscess post I&D care
  • Pilonidal cysts
  • Incontinence-associated dermatitis (diaper rash)
  • Minor burns

During and after treatment, we keep your child's regular doctor updated on your child’s status and care we've provided.